February 08, 2023

Welcome to the new Apple Music for Artists

We’ve amped things up on Apple Music for Artists. Introducing new features that give you the power to manage your Apple Music content. This updated experience gives you access to:

  • A new tool to create custom promotional assets to share on social media. 
  • A new set of options to personalize your artist page and connect with fans.
  • A simple, quick way to upload lyrics.
  • A look at all your analytics.

All of this packaged in a sleek, interactive site designed to help expand your reach.

Take a look at what’s new on Apple Music for Artists on the web and learn how to gain more informed insights and grow your audience. Whether you’re new to the scene, an artist on the rise, or a band at the top of the charts, Apple Music for Artists is for you. 

Navigating your artist profile

When you log in to your artist profile, you’ll notice three new sections in the top navigation: Promote, Artist Content, and Account. These sections will help you promote your music, personalize your profile, and loop in your team for support.

Messages is where you’ll get updates from Apple about your account, such as the status of your artist image submission or account access requests from your team. A red dot in the inbox icon indicates when you’ve received a new message.

As always, your ability to access each section will vary based on your profile permissions.


Once you deliver your music, it’s time to share it with the world. Promote in Apple Music for Artists helps you do just that.

Create customized assets to promote your albums, songs, and music videos to fans across your social media channels. As your releases gain traction, celebrate your achievements on Apple Music and Shazam with personalized, shareable Milestones. You can also create and use smart links powered by Linkfire technology to take listeners straight to your latest hits on Apple Music and other music services.

Make the most of Promote

Artist Content

Image and personality are key to connecting with fans and attracting new listeners. The Artist Content section on the web lets you take more control of your Apple Music presence and customize your profile. 

Update your lyrics, add a bold new artist image, and share personal artist details, all while keeping tabs on your available content and upcoming releases.

Manage your artist content and profile


Account is where you can add people from your team to your profile, so they can support you and help with your next release. 

Different roles you can assign your team include:

  • Admin
  • Analyst
  • Profile Editor

Keeping your profile access and permissions up to date helps your team keep your content fresh.

Manage users on your account


See how your music measures up. Your Apple Music for Artists insights are now in a single, easy-to-access location under Measure. 

Explore Overview, Trends, Places, and Your Music within the Measure section to get a closer look at what’s trending where. Chart your performance and monitor your plays, average daily listeners, song purchases, and Shazams.

The analytics and demographic data in Measure can help you gain meaningful insights about your audience. You can use this information to help strategize how you promote your next release or tour dates. 

Understand your analytics

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