Manage your artist content and profile

Personalize your artist profile

Personalizing your artist profile is a great way to connect with fans and attract new listeners. The Artist Content section in Apple Music for Artists lets you take more control of your profile to add your personal touches. Add accurate lyrics, a fresh artist image, and personal artist details, while keeping tabs on your available and upcoming content — all in one place. You can access the Music and Videos and Artist Profile areas in the Artist Content section to update and maintain your artist details.

Music and Videos delivers a unified view of your content where you’re a primary artist and lets you update lyrics. 

Artist Profile allows you to personalize your artist page on Apple Music with an artist image and personal details. 

Viewing your music and videos

The Music and Videos section provides an overview of your content that’s available on your Apple Music artist page, as well as upcoming releases. Use this section to view any content, such as songs, albums, or music videos in which you’re the primary artist. Non-primary artists, such as featuring artists, producers, or songwriters do not have this access.

Select any piece of content to view metadata, such as release date, artist, genre, language, and available lyrics. Simply click on any of the songs listed to view, edit, or submit lyrics, so listeners can sing along to your latest tracks. For more information on how to upload your lyrics or report a concern with your lyrics, check out how to add lyrics to Apple Music.

If you want to correct any of your content metadata, reach out to your distributor who manages the content that’s been delivered to Apple.

Updating your artist profile

Use the Artist Profile section to upload your artist image and submit biographical details, such as the date you were born and hometown. You’ll also find a Q&A space where you can tell your fans more about yourself as an artist.

Update your artist details

Artist Profile allows you to customize how you represent yourself to your fans on Apple Music. Upload your artist image and fill out additional details about yourself or your band, such as the date you were born, hometown, or band origin.

While some information readily updates on your artist page in Apple Music, there are other sections that require additional review. Before making any updates, be sure to review our artist profile guidelines.

Add and update a biography

Apple Music is curated for listeners around the world. In some cases, you may notice a biography has already been written for you. Many of our biographies are sourced from the third party, AllMusic. If you notice a factual inaccuracy, click the Report an Issue button and follow the steps provided. For requests to add or update your AllMusic biography for your artist page, contact AllMusic

If you don’t have a biography, or want to replace your AllMusic biography with your own commentary, we’ve created a space for you to tell our editors and your fans more about yourself as an artist, in your own words. Fill out the Q&A in Artist Profile, which will display on your Apple Music artist page. 

For more information on the guidelines for your answers, consult the guidelines for artist profile. While your submissions may be considered by our editorial team, publishing on Apple Music is not guaranteed. 

Identify band members, collaborators, influences, and pronouns

Share some additional details about yourself as an artist or your band. Tell our editors who some of your musical influences are and highlight artists you’ve collaborated with. While this content won’t be displayed on Apple Music, identifying band members, collaborators, influences, and pronouns allows our editors to get to know you better.