View guidelines for artist profile

The Artist Profile tab in your account allows you to provide detailed information about yourself as an artist. These details can help spark conversation with fans and grow your audience. 

Follow these best practices below when submitting your artist details. Note that we will review your responses and may modify submissions to adhere to our best practices and guidelines.

  • Responses must be original.
  • Responses must be accurate.
  • Responses reflect you as an artist.
  • All text should be written in complete sentences.
  • Keep character limits in mind.
  • Responses must be written in the first person and be conversational.

Additional guidelines

  • No press releases.
  • No use of all caps, emoji, ampersands, or exclamation points.
  • No attempt to upsell a product or merchandise.
  • No use of copyrighted content.
  • No advertisements for content. For example, third-party partnerships or affiliations.
  • No URLs for websites.
  • No mention of competing services.
  • No pornographic content or website URLs that link to pornography.
  • No messaging or themes not legal or appropriate for all countries, or that encourage unlawful conduct, or are otherwise obscene, objectionable, or in poor taste. 
  • No messaging that promotes hatred based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national/ethnic origin, or other identities.