Get studio time, anytime.

Transform your ideas into professional-quality tracks. With powerful tools working seamlessly together, you can write, record, and mix across your devices.

Give your music a new dimension with Spatial Audio.

Apple Music now features Spatial Audio with support for Dolby Atmos, so you can offer a deeper, more immersive listening experience that will make fans feel like they stepped inside the songs.
Fraser T. Smith

When ideas come to you, open Voice Memos.

Capture any sound, voice, or instrumental inspiration in the moment. Then build the foundation for your song by bringing the audio directly into GarageBand.

Play your iPad or iPhone with GarageBand.

Experiment, improvise, and compose with a collection of Touch Instruments at your fingertips — then edit your takes until they’re pitch-perfect. If you want lessons in guitar or piano, they’re in there too.

“Sometimes when I’m writing songs with only piano and voice, I use GarageBand as my idea bank.”

Turn a small idea into a big production.

You don’t need to be a sound engineer to make professional-sounding music. GarageBand has streamlined editing tools to restructure, fix, and finesse your tracks.

Do more with beats, vocal takes, instruments, and effects.

“Logic Pro has always been my one and only DAW. The built-in sound libraries have been essential to my music from the beginning.”

Step up your beats.

You can deftly produce beats and melodies with Step Sequencer, then pair them with Drum Machine Designer or other instruments in Logic Pro.

Make a music video worthy of your music.

Final Cut Pro combines professional editing features with incredible performance to let you produce cinematic music videos.

Put on a show.

Roll out finished tracks alongside professional music videos, live performances, and other content that’ll keep your fans wanting more.


Adapt music for live shows with nothing but your Mac.


Create short, immersive music videos that connect with fans.

Final Cut Pro

Direct your music video with the industry favorite for video editing.


Capture, edit, and share shots from behind the music and center stage.

Inspiration for your artistry.

Browse sound libraries and start experimenting.

Use Logic Pro with your iPhone or iPad.