Marketing and Promotion

Promote your content and Milestones with custom assets

Any Admin or Analyst on an artist account can use Promote to share celebratory moments, including new releases, pre-adds, or Milestones, such as being added to a playlist. They can promote content on social platforms, such as Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram Stories, or send custom assets to your team via email. Through Promote on both the Artists iOS app and the web, users can create static and video assets in a variety of colors and sizes that are designed for social media promotion. Users can also generate custom links, powered by Linkfire technology, that drive to Apple Music and other music services.

Create and customize assets for promotion in the iOS app

  1. Open the Artists iOS app, scroll to Promote, and choose a Milestone or release you want to share with fans.
  2. Tap the ellipsis, then tap Customize. You can also use the default share card if you don’t want to make any customizations.
  3. Swipe to select your template.
  4. Select a background color for your share card.
  5. Tap the share icon to select the platform where you’d like to promote your content. Options to share on Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, Snapchat, and Twitter will display if you have those social apps downloaded on your device. Prepared text that includes your accomplishment and a link to your content on Apple Music will populate alongside an image.
  6. You may choose to update the text for your post. Remember to include the shortened link to share your content with fans.

If you manage social media accounts for multiple artists, be sure to verify that you are logged in to the correct account before sharing any Promote content.

Create and customize assets for promotion on the web

  1. Sign in to your account and click Promote.
  2. Select the content or Milestone you want to share with fans.
  3. Select your template.
    1. Cover Art: Features the cover art from your content.
    2. Artist Image: Features your Apple Music profile picture and content cover art. If you haven’t added an artist image yet, you can upload an image in the Artist Profile section of the Artist Content tab. Learn how to add an artist image.
    3. Blur: Features your promoted content with a blurred background.
  4. Customize your asset by choosing a background color.
  5. Choose the template sizes you want to download. You can choose one of the options below or all three.
    1. Portrait (1080x1920 pixels)
    2. Landscape (1300x740 pixels)
    3. Square (1080x1080 pixels)
  6. Click Create Assets to generate the image and video assets for the content you wish to promote. Assets will take a few minutes to fully render.
  7. Download and share. You’ll also have the option of emailing the digital assets. Download one asset at a time, or all together.
  8. Post the assets and the Linkfire link to social media, on your websites, and in emails and digital advertising.

Every asset you generate for your content on the web will be saved in the Promote tab. Simply hover over a release you’ve previously generated assets for, and click the View Asset icon.