What are “Listeners”?

Listeners are the average number of unique listeners in the time frame selected.

What are "Song" or "Album" purchases?

A song or album acquired through purchase from the iTunes Store.

What are “Shazams”?

Shazams are recorded anytime your song is recognized by the Shazam app or one of the partner apps that use Shazam technology.

What are "Insights"?

Insights highlight changes in data, lists milestones, and all-time bests for your songs and albums.

What are "Top Playlist Plays"?

Plays from Playlist indicates the number of plays for your song(s) included on an Apple Music Playlist. Should your song be featured on a playlist, we show you the number of songs included on the playlist, the number of plays the song had from the playlist, and each song’s position.

Note: You will see Not Programmed if your song was not featured on the playlist in the time frame selected.

Note: The data displayed in Apple Music for Artists is not meant to be used for any financial reporting purposes. Contact your chosen distributor(s) for financial or royalty questions.

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