Explore articles, forums, and guides that will help you learn the basics, manage your account, understand your analytics, and use tools to create and record your music.


Get your music on Apple Music

Partner with a distributor to ensure your music is correctly formatted and ready for streaming services and digital download stores.


Claim your account

Artists and artist managers can request access to Apple Music for Artists by claiming their artist page.


Manage access to your artist page

Add members of your team to your Apple Music for Artists account, so they can view analytics, manage artist images, send lyrics, and view account information.


Control your communications

Stay informed with weekly emails that provide insights into your music, new features, and updates related to your account maintenance.


Apple Music for Artists on iOS

Apple Music for Artists is available on the App Store. Get a snapshot of your music’s performance on the go.


View guidelines for artist images

Review the formats and guidelines to ensure your artist profile picture displays alongside your content on Apple Music, the iTunes Store, and Shazam.


Add your artist image

Add your artist image to help fans quickly locate your page and give potential listeners another reason to check you out.


Cover art

Use cover art to get people talking about your next release and learn about the guidelines for cover art on Apple Music.


Understand your analytics

Learn how to read your Artist Analytics to identify trends and measure your music’s impact.


Get a global view of listeners

Use Places to see your listening activity and uncover your top songs across the globe.


See how Shazam works for artists

Shazam data opens new ways to connect with new fans. See how listeners are discovering your music to keep you connected with your growing audience.


See your song stats and listener trends

Use Trends to learn more about how your fans discover your most popular songs.


Review guidelines for submitting lyrics

Review our Lyrics Guidelines and correctly format your lyrics for submission.


Send your lyrics to Apple Music

Get step-by-step instructions to successfully deliver your lyrics to Apple Music.

Marketing and Promotion

Understanding the basics of music publishing

Learn about performing rights organizations to help you collect songwriting royalties.

Marketing and Promotion

Make your concert dates discoverable in Shazam

Pair your concert information and ticket links with Shazam to make sure fans never miss a show.

Marketing and Promotion

Share your Milestones, celebrate with fans

Share your Apple Music milestones directly from the iOS app to your favorite social platforms.

Marketing and Promotion

Apple Music Marketing Tools

Create badges, embeddable widgets, and audio cards to help fans find your artist page, top songs, and albums.

Marketing and Promotion

Apple Music pre-adds

Apple Music pre-adds allows listeners to add music for upcoming releases to their library or playlists.

Marketing and Promotion

Music metadata

Learn about the importance of music metadata to better understand how listeners can find your music on Apple Music.

Marketing and Promotion

Why an Electronic Press Kit matters

An EPK is your professional resume and business card that makes it easy for music industry professionals to access and review your work.

Today at Apple Creative Studios

Taking the long road with Zane Lowe

Apple Music global creative director and co-head of Artist Relations on inspiration versus imitation.

Today at Apple Creative Studios

Finding your people with Ebro Darden

Apple Music global head of Hip-Hop and R&B on building your team and how to get heard.


Inspired, with TRAKGIRL

TRAKGIRL discusses how experimenting with sound and studying past influences helped her develop her signature style and produce the single “CANDYMAN.”


Inspired, with Take A Daytrip

Take A Daytrip explains how they blend analog audio with digital tools to bridge genres and create music with a unique, gritty sound.

Breaking It Down

Access Your Artist Account

Manage access to your Apple Music for Artists account.

Breaking It Down

Verify Your Artist Account

Get your artist page verified, then assign roles for you and your team.

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Your Overview Page

See a snapshot of your music’s performance over time.

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Share Your Milestones

Share milestones and celebratory moments on your social channels or over email.

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Your Trends Page

Use Trends to discover insights about who’s listening.

Breaking It Down

Take Action Using Trends

Find out how Trends can help you understand your fans and keep them engaged.

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Places and Your Music

Get a global view of your listeners with an interactive map, and see data in one place.

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Your Artist Image

Learn how to add a photo to your Apple Music and Shazam profiles.

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Marketing Links and Tools

Create links or embeddable widgets and badges that lead fans to your artist page, top songs, and playlists.

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Getting Support

Explore articles and guides that will help you learn the basics as well as access general support topics.

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Shazam Data and Apple Music Playlist Data

See how to access Shazam data and Apple Music playlist placements, and filter by city, state, country, or region.

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Intro to

Explore, the place where artists go to get informed, educated, and inspired.


November 16, 2021

Apple is using Shazam to identify and compensate all DJ mix creators

Apple is using Shazam technology to identify and compensate all creators featured in a DJ mix.


August 13, 2021

Apple launches Today at Apple Creative Studios

Today at Apple Creative Studios offers mentorship from renowned artists for young creatives around the world.


June 02, 2021

Apple Music Insights: Royalties

Learn more about our philosophy and values regarding streaming royalties, publishing operations, and editorial playlists.


May 11, 2021

Up Next has gone global

The Up Next initiative showcases emerging artists in monthly marketing and editorial features on Apple Music in select countries and regions around the world.


May 10, 2021

Introducing Apple Music City Charts

Updated daily, Apple Music City Charts feature the top songs in over 100 cities, putting a spotlight on local artists around the world.

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Voice Memos

Learn how to get the most out of Voice Memos on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch so you can quickly record your ideas the moment inspiration strikes.


Explore this helpful collection of information, forums, and more, including step-by-step guides to get you started creating music with GarageBand.

Logic Pro

Unlock your musical creativity with this detailed guide. Learn workflows that help you turn ideas into fully realized professional music productions.


Take your Mac to the stage. MainStage provides a full-screen interface optimized for live shows, flexible hardware control, and a massive collection of sounds that are compatible with Logic Pro.
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