Marketing and Promotion

Keep your fans in the loop with favorites

When listeners add your artist page to their favorites in Apple Music, they can find your content faster and stay in-the-know about your latest releases. This ensures that your content will appear in a fan’s Apple Music experience in new ways, which can expand the reach and lead to more listens. Fans that add your artist page to their favorites will receive:

  • Notifications when you release new music
  • Access to your content on Apple Music in Listen Now
  • Improved music recommendations based on your content

Encourage fans to add your artist page to their favorites on Apple Music

To help your listeners find your artist page and add it to their favorites, you can post the Add to Favorites promo asset to your social media accounts. It’s located in Apple Music for Artists under Promote, where you’ll have the opportunity to customize the look and feel of the asset as you see fit.

Once you’ve posted your Add to Favorites promo asset, your followers can tap the link provided in the post to access your artist page in Apple Music. From there, they can click the Favorite button to add you to their favorites.