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Shazam Insights

Apple Music for Artists is integrating more Shazam data in to your profile. If we have exciting Shazam data to share with you, you now find Shazam milestones listed in your Insights in the Overview section.

Trending on Shazam

Trending on Shazam emails are now sent from Apple Music for Artists. If you have any tracks that are On the Rise, On Fire, or Reacting on Shazam, you'll receive a weekly email highlighting your top Shazam trends and where they are happening.

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Apple Music for Artists on iOS

The Apple Music for Artists iOS app is now available for download on the App Store. Get a snapshot of your music’s performance on the go, including new data on listeners, music video plays, and your most Shazamed tracks. You can also upload your custom artist image and manage users right from the app.

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Shazam is now a part of the Apple family. Shazams are recorded whenever your song is recognized by the Shazam app or one of the partner apps that use Shazam technology. You can see your Shazam data, including the top Shazamed cities and countries, in your Apple Music for Artists profile.

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Average Daily Listeners

You’re now able to see the average number of daily listeners of your music. Average daily listeners can be viewed by country or song.

Detailed Playlist Data

Top Playlist Plays now offers more detailed information about playlists your songs have been added to and where your songs are positioned in playlists. You can also see which countries include your song in a playlist. If your music has been added to a playlist, explore the playlist for more information about your song’s performance.

Music Videos

Music video views are now available in Apple Music for Artists. See how your videos are performing in Overview and Your Music on the web, as well as in the app.

Release Week Date Range

We’ve updated our weekly data to cover music industry standard release weeks so you can better monitor your week-to-week success. A standard music release week is Friday to the following Thursday.

Download Your Data

You can now download data in the Your Music section of Apple Music for Artists on the web. Click See All in each section of Your Music and set a date range for the data you want to download; it will export as a CSV file to your downloads folder.

Updated Data

Our goal with Apple Music for Artists is to present accurate data to you as quickly as possible by updating it on a daily basis. With the launch of Apple Music for Artists, we’re now providing you the same data we use for monthly financial reports to content providers, but on a daily basis. To help us achieve this, we made improvements to the accuracy of these daily updates. Song plays in Apple Music for Artists are no longer counted as separate plays whenever a listener resumes a song after a break, including after pausing a song, scrubbing through a song, or answering a phone call. These improvements do not affect royalties you may be owed by your content provider.

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