Marketing and Promotion

The value of Linkfire links

Linkfire is a music marketing and analytics platform used by labels and artists to create smart links and landing pages that let fans listen to your releases on Apple Music and other streaming services. Apple has partnered with Linkfire to provide smart links and landing pages to artists for free in Apple Music for Artists.

Linkfire links are used to promote content during the pre-add and post-release windows for singles, albums, and music videos across digital service providers where your content is available. When you create a Promote asset in Apple Music for Artists on the web, you’ll also receive a Linkfire link that will take your fans straight to the content you want them to hear.

You can share Linkfire links with fans across the globe. When a user clicks your link, they can choose the music service they want to use to listen to your content, based on availability in their region.

How to generate a Linkfire link

Create a Linkfire link by visiting Promote on Apple Music for Artists on the web. Just click on what you’d like to promote and follow the steps in the customized asset flow. The Linkfire link will be available at the final step on the Assets page. Copy the link and post it to your social media accounts. While you can use a different link with your Promote asset, we recommend using the provided Linkfire link for an optimal fan experience.

For detailed steps on how to create Promote assets and Linkfire links, read the Promote your content and Milestones with custom assets article. If you have any issues with your Linkfire links, please contact us.