October 16, 2023

iOS 17: What’s new for Apple Music

All of the new features and enhancements announced earlier this year are now available with our latest iOS update. iOS 17 includes the following updates on Apple Music: 

Song Credits

Your fans can now find out the “who” behind your favorite songs, with comprehensive information on who contributed to your music, the instruments they played, and the roles inside and out of the studio. Talk to your distributor to start delivering more detailed credits.

Motion in Now Playing

Album art now appears full-screen in the music player, including motion where available, creating an even more immersive playback experience for your fans. Talk to your distributor to learn more about delivering motion album artwork.

Playlist cover art

When creating a playlist or updating an older one, choose from new cover art templates. As you add music to the playlist, the colors in the template will update to reflect the music in the playlist.

Learn more about creating Apple Music playlists

Crossfade between songs

Now you can experience a smooth, gapless playback experience in Apple Music on iOS. Songs fade in while the previous song is fading out, creating a continuous mix of music.

Apple Music Sing and Continuity Camera

Now it’s even more fun for your fans to sing along to your music. With Apple Music Sing and Continuity Camera, they can see themselves on screen and apply all-new filters as they sing along to the lyrics of your songs.

Collaborate on playlists

Invite friends to join your playlist and everyone can add, reorder, and remove songs. In Now Playing, you can use emojis to let others know how the music makes you feel.


Now it’s easier for everyone to play and control music in the car — even passengers in the back seat. When Apple Music is playing while connected to CarPlay, trusted iPhones will be automatically invited to the session. Tap to connect, and listeners can contribute to what’s playing from any phone, even if they don’t have an Apple Music subscription.

Apple Music on Apple Podcasts with connected subscriptions

With connected subscriptions, Apple Music users now have the ability to connect their subscription with Apple Podcasts to access new shows and more.

All Apple Music radio shows will continue to stream live and be available on demand in the Music app, but subscribers will now have the ability to use the Podcasts app to follow individual shows, get notified when new episodes are released, and download episodes for offline listening. What’s also exciting is that all radio shows will continue to include music in full, so listeners will enjoy a sonically rich experience no matter what app they use.

Customize your Home Screen with new widgets

Now you can start listening right from the Home Screen. Choose from new widgets like personalized top picks, or see what friends are listening to. Dive into recommended New Releases or listen to music from Top Charts.


Turn your iPhone on its side while charging to make it even more useful when you set it down.

And a few more things...

  • AirPods Adaptive Audio: We have introduced a new listening mode for AirPods that dynamically blends Transparency mode and Active Noise Cancellation together based on the conditions of a user’s environment to deliver the best experience in the moment.
  • Apple Music Sing Playlists Auto-On: Our amazing editorially curated Apple Music Sing playlists now automatically turn down the vocal slider on iOS and Apple TV when you start playback from the Sing playlist detail page.
  • Smart AirPlay Suggestions: Your iPhone and iPad now use on-device intelligence to learn your AirPlay preferences. So because you usually listen to music when you cook dinner, the nearby HomePod in the kitchen automatically shows up, making it super easy for people to play music where they want.