November 16, 2021

Apple is using Shazam to identify and compensate all DJ mix creators

Artists and creators specializing in Dance and Electronic music now have an additional revenue stream available to them via the Apple Music streaming service. Building upon incredible Shazam technology, Apple has developed a new process to identify and fairly compensate all of the individual creators featured in thousands of DJ mixes. In cooperation with major and independent labels, Apple Music is directly paying rights holders within these DJ mixes and creating long-term monetary value for all creators involved, a feat that was once deemed impossible until now.

”Apple Music is the first platform that offers continuous mixes where there’s a fair fee involved for the artists whose tracks are included in the mixes and for the artist making those mixes. It’s a step in the right direction where everyone gets treated fairly. I’m beyond excited to have the chance to provide online mixes again.”

- DJ/Producer Charlotte de Witte

Additionally, fans of the genres have another powerful way to discover new music, with mixes being supplied from such luminaries as Tomorrowland, Boiler Room, Cercle, and Mixmag. Most recently, the archives of Studio !K7’s famed DJ-Kicks mix series were made available exclusively to Apple Music subscribers.