Deliver Your Music

Learn how to get your next release on to Apple Music and out to listeners everywhere.

Work with a Label

If you are signed to a label, speak to them about making your releases available on Apple Music.

Use a Distributor

If you are not signed to a label, you can work with an Apple Preferred Distributor to deliver your releases and return your royalties. Every distributor offers a different set of services; view our list of Music Partners to find a distributor that best fits your brand as an artist.

How Delivery Works

Content providers compile digital packages of your release to make it ready for placement on Apple Music and ensure it goes live at the right moment, is easily searchable, and looks and sounds just the way you intend.

Once we receive a digital package, it will go through a review period to ensure it meets our quality standards. Apple receives large volumes of digital packages every day, so we recommend working with a content provider well in advance of your street date to avoid any delays in approval.

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