Importing stems into Logic Pro with Smart Tempo

Logic Pro’s Smart Tempo feature automatically detects the tempo of audio that is imported into the main window. This instantly sets the correct tempo in Logic and allows Apple Loops and tempo-synced effects to play along correctly.

Audio stems are submixed parts of a song such as drums, bass, keyboards, and vocals. Logic will analyze all of these together as a multiset to correctly set the tempo.

In the Smart Tempo pane of the Project Settings window, you’ll find import options that will automatically set the audio stems to follow the project tempo

  1. Choose File > Project Settings and choose the Smart Tempo pane.
  2. In the “Set imported audio file to:” pop-up menu, choose “On + Align Bars.”
  3. In the main window, change “Keep Project Tempo” to “Adapt Project Tempo” in the LCD display.
  4. Drag the stems into the main window.
  5. In the dialog, choose “Create new tracks,” select the ”All selected files are stems from one project“ checkbox, and click OK.
  6. The stems will appear in the project, and the tempo will change to play the audio back at the correct tempo, even if the tempo was changing throughout the recording. Change the Smart Tempo Mode back to “Keep” to fix the tempo in place.
  7. Add Apple Loops to the project, and they will speed up and slow down with the project. All time-synced plug-ins, like delays, will play back in time as well.
  8. If you want to remix the song at a different tempo, go to the tempo track and choose Tempo Sets > New Set.
  9. This will create a constant tempo. Change the tempo in the LCD display to whatever you like, and the song will play along perfectly.