Make your own Drum Machine Designer kit fast

Logic Pro display drag and drop functionality.

Drag and drop samples into Logic to quickly create a playable instrument

The process of creating instruments and drum kits can take a lot of time and effort. Logic Pro allows you to quickly create playable sampler instruments by dragging in audio files from anywhere on your computer. Simply drag a collection of audio files to the bottom of the track list to get a menu of options for sampler instruments. When you choose Drum Machine Designer, every sample will be placed on its own pad with separate channel strips and Quick Sampler for every pad.

Logic Pro display audio samples being selected from Finder.

Select all audio samples in a Finder window

Logic Pro display samples being dragged into an empty track.

Drag the samples onto an empty track to select Drum Machine Designer

Logic Pro display the end result with each pad has its own sample.

Now the final result: Drum Machine Designer has a pad for each sample

Control-click in the Drum Machine Designer track, and select Create Pattern Region. The Step Sequencer will automatically populate rows with the pad names and colors.