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Apple Music pre-adds

The days of fans missing out on anticipated releases are over. With most of us being on the go, we sometimes miss out on those ”you had to be there” moments.

Available with just a tap, Apple Music pre-adds allows fans and listeners to add music from an upcoming release to their library or playlists without missing a beat. Pre-adders are notified the moment your album is available, allowing them to stream and share your music immediately.

If you’re signed to a label, most of these items are taken care of on your behalf. For independent artists and teams, your distributor will work with you to ensure your songs meet the pre-add specifications for Apple Music.

Generate some buzz

Anticipation breeds excitement, and the fans want you to know about it. Artists across genres have noticed groundbreaking numbers, so no matter the musical preference or the size of your audience, pre-adds have proven to pique fans’ interest.

Pre-adds are not only a call to action for your loyal fanbase and potential listeners, but can be used to generate revenue ahead of your official release. Apple Music releases with pre-adds saw significantly higher listens than those without, with increased numbers of fans coming back to listen to the album during the release week.

Along with pre-adds, utilize your song and listener trends to optimize your approach to any promotions, press releases, exclusive merch, and tour announcements tied to your upcoming album.

And for your next release... 

No matter the size of your audience, Apple Music pre-adds are a mutually beneficial way to build a more intimate relationship with your fans and entice new listeners. Work with your label or distributor to add this feature to your next release and use Analytics to monitor and track your success.