Control your communications

Choose which emails make it to your inbox

We will use Messages to keep you updated with notifications related to your account and profile, such as when a new user requests access, or your artist image has been reviewed.

We also like to keep you informed with weekly emails that provide insights into your music, occasional updates with information about new features, and depending on your role, necessary updates related to your account maintenance. 

Be sure to select your preferred language for emails in the Email Language Preferences.

How to update your communication preferences

If you have claimed more than one artist, you can set these preferences to apply to all of your artists or modify these settings individually for each artist.

Update your communication preferences with the iOS app:
Tap the account icon from the app home page and tap the News & Features switch on.

Update your communication preferences on the web:
Click your name at the top of your profile, then select Edit Profile. Under Email Preferences, select the type of email communication you want to update.

Types of emails to expect

Artist Weekly Recap: weekly recap of how your music performed on Apple Music.

Trending on Shazam: If your music trends on Shazam, you’ll receive an email highlighting that week. Trends include:

  • On Fire: phenomenal increase in Shazams, heading for the top of the charts in a country or region.
  • On The Rise: significant momentum and strong engagement with your track on Shazam around the world.
  • Reacting: noticeable buzz for your track on Shazam in certain locations.

News and Features: occasional information on news, updates, and features for Apple Music for Artists.